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OWL'S PRIDE (Gifted & Talented Program)

Owl's Pride (Gifted and Talented Program) Parent Nominations Grades 2-5

As part of the District's gifted and talented Owl's Pride Program, we are soliciting referrals from both teachers and parents for potential candidates for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please see the links for Characteristics of Gifted Children and “Bright Children” vs. “Gifted Learner. " Complete Parent Renzulli-Hartman Rating Scale and Testing Permission Slip and return by April 25th in order to nominate your child.

Click here for Parent Letter

Click here for Characteristics of Gifted Children

Click here for "Bright Children" vs. "Gifted Learner"

Click here for Parent Renzulli-Hartman Rating Scale

Click here for Testing Permission Slip