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2021-22 Mental Health Back to School Toolkit

Mental Health America (MHA) has developed its 2021-22 Back to School Toolkit to help increase understanding of stress and loneliness in children and teens and is providing materials on the topic for parents, school personnel, and young people.


It’s important for parents, caregivers, and school personnel to know the signs that a young person is struggling with his or her mental health and be willing to help. Stress is more common in teens than many realize, and can impact academics, sports and family life.


While most kids and teens aren’t dealing with bills, difficult bosses, and frustrating commutes, there are plenty of situations that can cause them stress. Things like getting good grades, preparing for the future, loneliness and body appearance all are topics that many cite as causing stress.


To access the toolkit, click on the link below:


2019 Mental Health Back to School Toolkit