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Anxiety - A Helpful Guide and Resources

Anxiety is one of the most common experiences among people of all ages—and one of the most poorly understood. Our bodies are “programmed” to elicit an anxiety reaction whenever a threat is perceived. Threats can be specific, such as being bullied, ridiculed or intimidated, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, or performance anxiety before a sporting event. Threats can also be general, such as fears of abandonment, rejection, failure, or the unknown future.


The rigors of academic life, college applications, social pressures and the holidays can all increase anxiety levels for young people.  Being able to detect normal vs. abnormal anxiety levels is an important skill when working with, or raising teenagers.


Our Student Assistance Counselor, Mr. Andrew Yeager, has posted invaluable information on his website regarding this topic:


Student Assistance Counseling - Anxiety


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