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What is Student Assistance Counseling?

Student Assistance Counseling is a process where you can meet with a professional counselor to discuss any problem you are dealing with.  Counseling is not always about getting advice. Rather, it is a process where you and a counselor can explore issues and work together to develop healthy and effective coping skills.

Student Assistance Counseling is:

Student Assistance Counseling is free. Meetings are arranged based on mutually convenient times during the school day.

You can expect that what you talk about with the Student Assistance Counselor remains confidential. Unless you are being abused, or there is immediate danger to yourself or others, what you talk about with the counselor stays private.

Only you will decide if SAC counseling is for you.

Parents Educating Parents (P.E.P.) Group 
 Next meeting
Thursday, June 14th,  7:00 pm (room A-104) 
All parents welcome!