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The East Brook Blast - September 12, 2018

The East Brook Blast


Our East Brook Family picnic was a tremendous success.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped make the event so special!

For those of you who attended, you probably noticed the bees in the back of the school.

Unfortunately, that problem has not been completely resolved and we are working with Buildings and Grounds to solve the issue.  Until the situation is resolved, I cannot send students outside for recess. I will be updating all parents as necessary.


I look forward to seeing you at Back To School Night tomorrow night!  Please remember that all parents will visit their child’s classroom first.   Next, we will meet in the multi-purpose room for the Principal’s presentation.  Then you will an opportunity to meet additional teachers (in the event you have more than one child).  There is a notice posted below.

A very important 6th grade parent meeting will take place at 6:15pm on Thursday, September 13th in the East Brook Media Center.  This will be PRIOR to Back to School Night.  We will be discussing the activities planned for the 2018-19 school year.  Attendance is highly recommended.


Weekly Five


  1. September Calendar and School Picture Day –  Under East Brook Notices, please review the picture day schedule (September 14th) indicating when your child is having their photo taken.  Please note that we made every effort to schedule photos before gym class and recess.  For students getting their photo taken after lunch, we will be holding all students in for recess unless I receive the attached permission slip.
  2. Day of Gold – Next Tuesday, East Brook will participate in the Day of Gold.  We ask our students to support Josephine’s Garden for pediatric cancer by bringing in $3 (however, any donation will be accepted). Last year we raised close to $2000 for a great cause!
  3. Dismissal Reminder Last year, we made significant improvements to our dismissal procedures.  Please view this map for assistance! Dismissal Map
  4. Welcome Mr. Sam –Mr. Sam Garcia has been appointed as our new nighttime custodian at East Brook.  Welcome aboard!
  5. Join the PTO – Please make sure you join the PTO!  Please follow this link -

For more information about joining!



East Brook Notices:

Student/Parent Handbook

Back to School Night Schedule

Picture Day Schedule - 9/14/18

September Calendar

Boxtop Template

Dismissal Map



Community Notices:

Dine to Donate - Park Ridge Soccer - 9/12/18

Sports Equipment Collection

Park Ridge Fire Department Open House 9/18/18



Take care,


Kevin Stokes, Principal

East Brook Elementary School