• Park Ridge High School Administration


    Mr. Troy Lederman


    Supervisor of Guidance

    Ext. 5110

    Mr. Mark Cosgrove

    Assistant Principal

    Ext. 5130

    Mrs. Jessica Rotella

    Administrative Assistant to the Principal

    Ext. 5110

    Mrs. Gina McCann

    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal

    Ext. 5130




    Mrs. Lisa Bernardo

    Director of Special Programs, Special Services AAP, BSI, & ESL

    District HIB Coordinator

    Ext. 1300

    Mrs. Kelly Epstein

    Supervisor of World Languages

    Supervisor of Social Studies

    Supervisor of Media Production

    Ext. 5900

    Mr. Chris Brown

    Supervisor of PE/Health

    Director of Athletics

    Supervisor of Health Office

    Ext. 5600

    Ms. Deb Aach

    Supervisor of Science

    Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts

    Supervisor of Computers

    Ext. 5800

    Ms. Cathleen Nalesnik

    Supervisor of Special Services

    Supervisor of Paraprofessionals

    Ext. 1303

    Mrs. Maria Papadopoulos

    Supervisor of English Language Arts

    Ext. 5700

    Mr. Steven Kopelman

    Supervisor of Business

    Supervisor of Math

    Ext. 5204

    Dr. Patrick Bernardo

    Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

    Supervisor of Media Center

    Ext. 5409