• The Student Assistance Counselor:

    is a trained, professional counselor who is available to discuss any problem(s) that students or families may be experiencing, such as: relationship or family issues, school problems, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, bullying, grief and loss, low self-esteem, or any other psychosocial issues.

  • Student Assistance Counseling is:

    Confidential:  Students can expect that information shared with the SAC remains confidential (unless a student is being abused, or someone is in immediate danger).  

    Convenient:  The Student Assistance Counselor is available to meet with students during the school day.

    Voluntary: It is the student’s choice to avail themselves of student assistance counseling.  Parents, teachers, or other peers may refer a student to the counselor for an initial meeting, but only the individual student will decide if they will participate on an on-going basis.