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    Your school counselors are here to help and support you!

    Please reach out with any questions - this can be done via email, phone or virtual conference.

    For scheduling issues or changes - please send your requests to your Counselor via email.  

    Mrs. Huffman, Grades 9-12, A to L


    ext. 5502

    Mrs. Heller, Grades 9-12, M to Z


    ext. 5501

    Mrs. Saykin, Grades 7-8


    ext. 5503

    Mrs. Ortiz will be out on maternity leave, returning July 5, 2022.  Please reach out to Catherine Laney for any questions or requests: CatherineLaney@parkridge.k12.nj.us - 201-573-6000 ext.5500

    Mrs. Ortiz, Guidance Secretary


    ext. 5500