•  While this school year looks different than previous years, one thing remains the same: your school counselors are here to help and support you. 

    Please reach out with any questions—this can be done via email, phone or virtual conference, as we are attempting to limit person to person contact. 

    For scheduling issues or changes—send requests to your counselor via email.

    On days you are physically present in the school building (Monday and Thursday for Maroon cohort; Tuesday and Friday for Gold cohort)—if you have a situation that requires immediate attention, please come to the Guidance office, knock on the door, and show your student ID. One of the counselors will be able to assist you. 


    Mrs. Huffman, grades 9 to 12, A to L


    ext. 5502


    Mrs. Heller, grades 9 to 12, M to Z


    ext. 5501


     Mrs. Saykin, grades 7 and 8


    ext. 5503


     Mrs. Ortiz, Guidance Secretary


    ext. 5500