• Inclement Weather – Change in School Schedule


    The Park Ridge School District has contracted the services of Blackboard (reverse 911) to notify the school community about school closings, early dismissals, delayed openings or other emergencies.  Depending on the contact information you have provided, the system will send out a voice, text and/or email to all parents/guardians.  If warranted, this notification will be sent out in the evening, prior to the impacted school day.  If not, the notification will be sent at 5:45AM on the day of the impacted school day.

    In addition to the Blackboard notification system, you can find school closing, early dismissal and delayed opening information in the following locations:


    District Website: www.parkridgeschools.org

    District Twitter: @parkridgesupt

    Channel 7 – ABC7NY


    Early Dismissal Schedule

    • West Ridge - 8:35AM - 1:00PM
    • East Brook – 8:35AM - 1:00PM
    • Jr-Sr High School – 7:50AM - 12:13PM
    • Owl House - 8:35AM - 1:00PM

    Pre-School Early Dismissal Schedule

    • Morning Session:               8:35 - 10:40AM
    • Afternoon Session:          11:00 - 1:00PM


    Delayed Opening Schedule

    • West Ridge - 10:05AM – 3:20PM
    • East Brook – 10:05AM – 3:20PM
    • Jr-Sr High School – 9:15AM – 2:44PM
    • Owl House - 10:05AM - 3:20PM

    Pre-School Schedule for Delayed Opening

    • Morning Session:             10:05AM - 12:30PM
    • Afternoon Session:            1:00PM - 3:20PM