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The Owl House

Take a Glimpse of the Owl House

Take a look at our Owl House program, including the amazing and dedicated staff, and, of course, our hard-working students! 

 18-21 Year Old Transition Program 

Located at 81 Pascack Road, Park Ridge, NJ  07656

The Owl House was established by the Park Ridge Board of Education in September of 2016.  This program is for students who have met all of their high school graduation requirements yet still have Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and objectives in the area of transition to adult life.  

The program is located in a home in the heart of the Park Ridge community.  Each day, students will be provided with daily exposure to the skills necessary to live and work in natural community settings.  Students will also have access to internships and job sampling at local businesses.

The primary focus of The Owl House will be to afford students with hands on experiences in which they are immersed in functional activities involving Daily Living Skills, Personal-Social Skills, Career and Job Skills.

Students will learn: personal finance, personal management, household management, nutrition and food preparation, interpersonal skills, communication skills, independent living skills, leisure activities, appropriate work habits and behavior, and job specific skills.

Students enjoy a membership to the Bethany Community Center where they work on leisure, recreation, and fitness activities.  

Students have a daily internship in the community and enjoy numerous volunteer experiences in the community.

Many students form lasting relationships with peers within the Owl House program and through social connections made with students in other 18-21 year old transition programs.

ESY available

Behaviorist and OT consults included in tuition.

This is a Full Day Program which runs from 8:40am-3:00pm Daily.

Some Images from the Owl House