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The Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees the 'backbone' of instruction and learning in the district. Our curriculum documents serve as the connection between Board initiatives, New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), and the materials, skills, and content taught in each classroom. 

Our curricula are designed to do more than just meet standards, but to provide a comprehensive learning map incorporating cross-disciplinary skills, career readiness, as well as academic mastery. 

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction coordinates instructional programs in the general education setting, including Intervention and Referral Services in alignment with the New Jersey Multi-Tiered System of Supports, our elementary Intervention program, and our Gifted and Talented program. 

Additionally, the Curriculum Office oversees teacher Professional Development for the Park Ridge School District, working in conjunction with our principals and school-based teacher committees. We are proud to assist in the efforts of our capable educators as they continuously develop their practice and understanding of their craft.

Finally, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for coordinating standardized testing in the district, much of the grant work, our standards-based grading system, as well as various other state and federal reporting duties. 


Patrick D. Bernardo, Ph.D.
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology
201-573-6000 ext.5409
Melissa Ballaera
Supervisor of Elementary Education
201-573-6000 ext.2845