•  Intervention &  Referral Services
    The I&RS Teams at East Brook, 
    West Ridge and the Middle School/
    High School serve to support the
    needs of students who are 
    experiencing some level of 
    difficulty within the general 
    education program.  In collaboration
    with the teacher and parent, the team 
    recommends intervention strategies 
    designed to support the needs of the
    teacher as well as the learner.
    What is I&RS?
    The I&RS Team is a group of professional Educators who convene at the request of either a parent/guardian or staff member for the purpose of determining if special interventions/strategies are needed to help the student be successful in school.  The team then recommends which interventions/strategies would be most effective.  Each team is composed of one of the student’s teachers, a case coordinator and other members as appropriate.  Parents are highly encouraged to participate as well.
    What kinds of needs are reviewed by I&RS?
    When a child experiences difficulties that affect his or her academic progress or has exhibited behavior that interferes with learning, the teacher may request support from I&RS.  Student difficulties may include problems responding to written or verbal information, organizing, focusing, and/or completing work without constant teacher intervention.
    How does I&RS help a teacher and student?
    I&RS supports the teacher and student by developing an intervention plan that may provide alternative strategies.  The interventions are designed to support the student in achieving success within the general education program.
    How are parents informed?
    The teacher discusses his or her concerns with the student’s parents prior to requesting assistance from I&RS. Once, the teacher submits the request for assistance the assigned case coordinator will reach out to the parent/guardian to schedule a meeting. 
    What happens during an I&RS meeting?
    Following a teacher’s submission of an I&RS request, a meeting of the I&RS team is scheduled. At the meeting, the teacher describes the student's behavioral and/or academic issues they are experiencing. He or she will identify both successful and unsuccessful strategies used, as well as current efforts.  Alternative means of intervention and new approaches are suggested.  A plan of action is developed by specifying goals, strategies to be used, and the individuals responsible for each action.  A timeline is established for implementing the plan and assessing its effectiveness.
    How is follow-up provided?
    The action plan is monitored by the classroom teacher and the I&RS team.  At a time specified within the plan, the I&RS team meets again to report on its progress.  If a child’s needs are not being met by the initial plan, additional interventions may be suggested and modifications made to the plan.
    Is this the same a referral for Special Education?  Under what circumstances might a referral be made to the Child Study Team?
    I&RS recommends actions intended to help resolve the challenges identified to prevent referral to the Child Study Team.  If the actions taken and resources used are not adequate and the problems still remain, the child’s needs may result in a referral to the Child Study Team.  Parents will participate in the decision as to whether a Child Study Team referral will be made.

    Who serves on the I&RS team? 
    East Brook
    - Mr. Kevin Stokes, Principal
    - Lisa Conforti, I&RS Coordinator 
    - Your Child’s Teacher
     - Others as Appropriate Including Additional Teachers,  
    School Psychologist, School Nurse, LDTC, 
    Speech Therapist, Social Worker
    West Ridge
    - Mr. Chris Kirkby, Principal
    - Melissa Ballaera, I&RS Coordinator 
    - Your Child’s Teacher
     - Others as Appropriate Including Additional Teachers,  
    School Psychologist, LDTC, Speech Therapist, Social Worker
    Park Ridge Middle School/High School
    - Mr. David Tashian, Assistant Principal
    - Mr. Chuck Kovacs, Teacher, I&RS Team Member
    - Your Child’s Guidance Counselor and Your Child’s Teacher
    - Others as Appropriate Including Principal, Additional Teachers,  
    School Psychologist, LDTC, Speech Therapist, Social Worker