• Instrumental Music Philosophy

    A comprehensive instrumental music curriculum has to be designed for the purpose of awakening and refining the aesthetic sensitivities of all performers. The program at Park Ridge High School develops musicianship to the highest level, giving students access to playing and performing different styles and genres of music from a variety of time periods and geographical locations. The goal of our program is to enable students to master concepts and skills such as rhythm, intonation, blend, melody, harmony, dynamics, and more. Through the process, students will gain the ability and confidence to play beyond high school, as playing an Instrument can and should be a lifelong experience. An instrument can truly become one's voice, as no other discipline provides students the opportunity to express themselves in such a creative and unique manner.


    Music is as much a part of our present culture as it is a part of our cultural heritage.  People must feel as well as think; they must create as well as discover and learn. We must help them to cultivate sensitivity to the world of sound, form, and color, just as we must enable them to acquire the intellectual and academic tools of thought.  A well-balanced instrumental music program provides a basis for later appreciation and participation, both in school and as an adult. The ultimate aim of this program is to enrich the lives of our students – academically, aesthetically, socially, and personally. For all students, the performing arts can be a catalyst toward the maximum development of individual potential.