• 2020-2021 EXTRAS Information

    The EXTRAS program will run differently until further notice. Please read below.

    Usage of Rooms:

    There will be three rooms for EXTRAS.

    The building principals will determine what rooms EXTRAS will use.

    Each room will have one adult and one student aide with no more than 12 students.

    Students will wash their hands upon entering.

    Each student will sit six feet apart and place their backpack on the back of their chair.

    Masks must be worn by staff and children.



    Snack will not be provided.

    Parents may send a snack if they choose.

    It must be nut free.

    Students must bring their own water bottles. 


    Indoor Play:

    Students may play games on their laptops.

    No shooting games are permitted.

    Students may play with action figures and any other toys that can be washed. There is no sharing of toys.

    Games such as charades, Red, Light, Green Light, 1,2,3 may be played.

    Students may bring a toy from home.

    EXTRAS will not be responsible for broken, lost or stolen toys.

    Each student will receive a bag of crayons for their use in the program to draw or color with.

    All toys will be washed after each use.

    Homework may be worked on as usual.


    Outdoor Play:

    Students may play outside without their masks unless a parent requests their child wears one.

    The three groups will rotate between the playground, field and blacktop.

    All hands will be washed upon returning to the rooms.


    Dismissal Procedure at 3:30pm:

    Building Principals will determine which rooms the children will report to.

    There will be no drop-ins accepted!


    Dismissal from EXTRAS:

    A table will be placed outside of the main entrance with the sign-out sheet and a pen.

    Parents will sign their child out and buzz for them.

    Lobby monitors will call for the student who will be walked to the lobby by a student aide.

    A staff member will only open the door to check ID. Otherwise, they will speak through the intercom.

    Both the staff member and parent should have a mask on.



    If a child looks or feels ill the parent will be called to pick up their child immediately.

    Thermometers are located in the cabinet at both schools.

    The child will wait in an isolation room.

    A student aide will sit or stand outside of the isolation room until the parent arrives. The lobby monitor will check on the child from time to time.




    Any questions, please call me.

    Janine Giordano

    EXTRAS Coordinator

    201-573-6000 ext. 2717