•  We have begun the Words Their Way program.
    Some activities will be:

    Closed Sort

    Students will sort cards according to the listed categories.
    Open Sort

    Students will sort cards using their own category ideas.

    Blind Sort

    Students will sort cards by using the help of a partner.  The partner will say the word and the student will decide on the category before seeing the card.

    Timed Sort

    Students can time themselves when sorting.

    Mix and Fix

    Students will complete the Closed Sort.  Then the student will look away.  The partner will mix up the sort and then the student will have to fix it.

    Writing Sort
    The student will write the sort into the Words Their Way notebook.

    On Friday the student will paste the sort into the notebook.

    After every sort, students will practice spelling the words.  They can whisper read the word or spell it to a partner.