• A1,A2. Allergies:

    If your child requires an Epipen, a completed Allergy Action Plan form must be completed and signed by both the child’s physician and parent/guardian. An authorization to administer an Epipen form must also be completed and signed by the parent/guardian. Please be aware these forms need to be updated and completed for each school year.

    B. Asthma:

    If your child has asthma and requires administration of an inhaler or nebulizer during school hours, a completed Asthma Treatment Plan form must be signed by both the child’s physician and parent/guardian.Please be aware this form needs to be updated and completed for each school year.

     C. Medication in School:

    In order for a medication to be administered during school hours, a request for medication administration during school hours authorization form must be completed and signed by both the parent/guardian and the child’s physician. This applies to pharmacy medication as well as over the counter medications. According to the school board policy, only medication which must be administered during school hours are permitted in the building. Medications will be properly stored in the Nurse’s office and medications should be in the original pharmacy container and labeled with the following information: The child’s name, the physician’s name, expiration date (if any), name of the medication, route of administration and dosage. Please be aware this form needs to be updated and completed for each school year.

    D1, D2. Immunizations and Physicals:

    Physical examinations and immunization records are required for all new transfer and incoming kindergarten students. Physicals must be completed within the past year of the first day of attendance. Failure to submit the new student registration, student medical examination form could result in your child’s exclusion from school.All students must be up to date with required immunizations and submit a physical examination form completed by their home physician within the past year. Proof of immunization form completed by the child’s physician must be handed in to the Nurse by the start of school. Risk of exclusion applies to students not meeting the state mandated immunization requirements. Also, for 6th grade students, in compliance with the state of NJ immunization requirements, meningitis and Tdap are required upon the start of the school year. Please submit the form completed by the physician for proof of immunizations to the Nurse before the start of the first day of school. This form can be mailed, faxed, or dropped off to the school anytime in the school year or Summer.

    Provided is the educational factsheet on meningitis to parents or guardians of students entering sixth grade. https://www.state.nj.us/health/cd/documents/faq/meningococcal_faq.pdf

     E. Screenings

    The New Jersey Department of Education mandates that health screenings are conducted annually for all students including height, weight, and blood pressure. Hearing and vision are performed as required by the NJ school health guidelines. Scoliosis screenings are done for the 5th grade. These screenings will take place throughout the school year. Any deviations will be reported to the parent and referrals made as necessary.

     F. Scoliosis (5th grade)

    New Jersey state mandates that all children between the ages of 10 and 18 be screened for Scoliosis biennially. Scoliosis screenings will take place in May for the 5th grade. Any student may opt out of the screening with written permission from a parent/guardian. If you wish to not have your child screened by the School Nurse, please sign, date, and return the exclusionary form to the School Nurse.

    Scoliosis Letter

    G1,G2,G3-Family life (4th, 5th, and 6th grade)

    In accordance with the NJ State curriculum, family life is taught. This year, we will be implementing the Family Life curriculum virtually. This gives you an opportunity to view the video with your child at home.  


     H. Camp Bernie (6th grade)

    In May, the 6th grade will attend an overnight field trip at Camp Bernie. A Nurse will be present. Please complete and return the medical forms to the Nurse along with any medications needing to be administered during the trip, a week before the departure date. If you are sending medication for your child, the attached request for administration forms must be completed for each medication. Please contact the nurse with any questions you may have regarding these forms.