• Marching Band
    Expectations and Information


    Attendance: The success and quality of the marching band is directly impacted by members attending every rehearsal and performance possible. It is understood that many members participate in athletic and academic activities outside of marching band, and accommodations can and will be made on an individual basis.

    All performances are mandatory and it is your responsibility to make those accommodations in other activities. Excused absences include serious illness, family emergencies, or religious obligations. If you are working or participating in out of school activities (such as town sports, scouts, karate or dance classes etc.) you must inform your employers, instructors, and coaches of your marching band commitments.

    Please be sure that you have filled out the 2022-2023 conflict form to notify your band director of known scheduling conflicts and sports participation as far in advance as possible. If any new conflicts arise, it is YOUR responsibility, as the marching band member, to email your band director as soon as possible. Any delay in notice may negatively impact your fellow bandmates. 

    Mindset: The marching band is just like any other team. We work hard, we’re committed to success, and we work together toward a common goal. The marching band should operate as one unit on the field in both practice and performance. The tradition of excellence in this band only exists because those who came before you believed that they could be the best and didn’t stop until they achieved that level of success. The expectation is that all band members are committed to our team and will not only show up physically, but will also show up mentally at the highest level and dedicate time and effort for the good of the band.

    Performance Participation Requirements: In order for a Park Ridge MS/HS student to participate in Marching Band performances and activities, he/she/they must be in attendance for a minimum of 4 hours on the day of the event or last school day prior to the event. This is in accordance with the New Jersey Administrative code.

    Uniforms: Each band member is responsible for their uniform and instrument. Please make sure your uniforms look presentable, shoes are shined for all performances, and hats are well maintained. Black socks that cover the ankle must be worn for all performances - there are no exceptions.

    It is advised that band members wear either thermals or Under Armor Cold Gear under their uniforms and thick socks during cold weather events.

    Cell Phone Policy: Cell phones and backpacks are not allowed at performances. If any band member needs to make a phone call during a performance, they are to ask a staff member or band parent for phone access. If a parent needs to contact their child during a performance, they can call a staff member or band parent. For the staff and band parent cell phone numbers, you must contact the Band Director’s office at school 201-573-6000 x5931 or by email well in advance of any performance. The staff and band parent cell phone numbers will ONLY be given to adult parents or guardians.

    Home Games: All cell phones will be collected before the band leaves the band room. The cell phones will be secured in the Band Director's locked office. Backpacks and bags  will be left in the locked band room during the performance.

    Away Performances: All cell phones, bags, and backpacks will be left on the locked bus with the driver. The driver will remain with the bus for security purposes.

    Medical Needs: Band members needing medication, whether it be inhalers, Epi Pens or pills, will give the medications to a staff member. All medication will remain in the band’s first-aid kit at both home and away performances. The first-aid kit  will be readily available if needed in the event of an emergency.

    *Special Accommodation: If any band member has a parent or adult guardian at the performances, they can carry his/her/their child's medication.