• PETS (Primary Education Thinking Skills) (Grades K-2)

    Instructor: Mrs. McGuinness 
    Using a whole class instruction approach, students will develop higher order thinking skills through challenging and interactive activiities.  Throughout the lesson, the teacher will help identify students with high academic potential.
    Kindergarten PETS
    • Divergent/Creative Thinking
    • Convergent/Analytical Thinking
    • Visual/Spacial Thinking
    • Evaluative Thinking
    Grade 1 PETS
    • Detective /Deductive Thinking
    • Inventive Thinking
    • Science /Analytical Thinking
    • Magician/Visual-Spacial Thinking
    Grade 2 PETS
    • Convergent Thinking (Deductive Logic & Analytical Thinking)
    • Divergent Thinking
    • Visual-Spacial Thinking