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    The Gifted & Talented Services for students in grades K-2 is a "push in" model.  The G & T teacher will go into each general education class in grades K-2 two times per month.  The program is called PETS.  The word PETS is an acronym which stands for Primary Education Thinking Skills.  To learn more about the PETS curriculum click on the link below. 

    Click here for PETS (Grades K-2)

    Owls' Pride
    The Gifted & Talented Services for students in grades 3-6 is a "pull out" model.  The G & T teacher will meet with the identified students two times per week during the regular school day.  The program is called Owls' Pride.  To learn more about the Owls' Pride curriculum click on the link below.

    Click here for Owl's Pride (Grades 3-6)

    Nomination Process for Grades 2-5
    Nomination is defined as those students to be considered for identification and inclusion into the Owls' Pride Program. The procedures to identify students in grades 2-5 as Gifted and Talented based upon research from the National Association of Gifted Children and other Park Ridge School District criteria includes:

    I.  Teacher and Parent Nomination through use of Renzulli Hartman Scales for Rating Behavioral Characteristics of Superior Students (Available after Parent Information Meeting at the end of March)

    II.  Screening of Nominated Students through the use of Aptitude and Ability Tests (End of May, early June) 

    III. Review of Nominations Scales and Screening Test Results using a District Designed Rubric (Early to mid June)

    IV. Identification and Notification of Students' Acceptance into the Program (Prior to the end of the school year) 

    V.  Follow up Meetings with any Parents who have Questions about the Process (Ongoing)

     Grades 7-12

    In grades 7-12, Academic Programs are differentiated to meet the needs of identified students at these grade levels.  Questions at this level can be directed to the Guidance Counselor.


    EDUCATION District Policy -Gifted and Talented Students

    PARK RIDGE BOARD OF EDUCATION District Regulation -  Gifted and Talented Pupils

    For additional information/questions/concerns about the program contact:

    Ellen McGuinness

    Gifted and Talented Teacher


    Lisa Bernardo

    Director of Special Programs & Students Services

    201-573-6000 ext. 1301